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Hello Kevin

If you've followed along with this blog with any consistency (not imply that I write with any,) then you will have noticed that when my anxiety flares, so too does my ability to write about it. A hefty price for creativity if you ask me, but I think it has more to do with need than expression. When I'm sprinting through my thoughts at a feverish pace, writing allows me to stop and take a proverbial breather. Today I am in the weeds after yet another sleepless night. I've been battling myself all day and I'm learning that the less sleep I get, the more weapons my mind is able to wield against me. Or perhaps it's flipped and I just have less with which to shield myself against the sharp blade of fear. Either way, it...well, sucks. It takes monumental energy to pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you're ill at-ease. Throw in extended sleep deprivation and the energy to constantly do so is depleted to the point where there is no more elevation, just a fleeting